Men - Some Simple And Quick Ways To Last Longer Before You Come!

1) Take deep breaths frequently as you become more aroused. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Although this sounds simple, deep breathing is an effective technique that will dissipate tension in the body.

As you may know, the gradual buildup of physical tension and its explosive release in orgasm is the fundamental physical change that takes place in the body during sex.

Clearly if you can slow down the buildup of tension you will extend the time between lovemaking starting and the time when you reach orgasm.

2) Closely related to the above is using the positions for lovemaking which enable you to discover how to last longer in bed.

Obviously those which build up tension in the body will cause you to reach orgasm faster, because they contribute to the buildup of muscular tension that's an essential part of orgasmic release.

So for example, the man on top position is particularly bad for men who want to control premature ejaculation, because the fact that you have to support yourself on your arms increases tension in almost all the upper part of the body. A much better sexual position for overcoming a quick ejaculation is woman on top.

3) Contracting your pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) at regular intervals as you become more aroused will actually help you to slow down the rate of increase in your arousal.

You'll see plenty of information for men on the Internet which suggests that by getting a fit and strong PC muscle you can stop yourself ejaculating.

However, this is incorrect. The truth is that if you contract your PC muscle during sexual arousal, it will both reduce hardness of your erection and lower your arousal.

When you get near to the point where you're going to ejaculate, contracting your PC muscle can actually speed up the ejaculatory process. Understanding this paradox is essential to understanding how to use the PC muscle correctly in ejaculation control, avoiding premature ejaculation, and lasting longer in bed.

4) Take a relaxed attitude to sex. A lot of men find that they get very excited and aroused because they have a scarcity mentality around sex in other words they fear they are not going to get enough of it. However the anxiety and agitation that such an attitude induces is not conducive to lasting longer in bed.

Men need to understand that a confident, masculine approach to sex, and in particular confidence in their attitude towards women, are a major step in controlling the rate at which they become aroused when they engage in sexual intercourse.

Cultivating a relaxed attitude may be easier said than done, but essentially it's about adopting a mature masculine position both towards sex and towards life in general.

5) Don't feel that you have to rush headlong to your orgasm. Assuming that you don't actually have a scarcity of sex in your life, there's a great deal of pleasure to be obtained from slowing things down: enjoy foreplay, caressing, kissing, and make sure that you give your partner plenty of attention of the kind she requires to become aroused before you start intercourse.

The nearer you are to her level of arousal when you enter her, the more likely she is to reach orgasm at or around the same time that you do.

If it's absolutely impossible for you to keep going for long enough until she tips over into her orgasm, then make sure you give her an orgasm with oral sex or masturbation before you enter her. Come to think of it, even if you do have a scarcity of sex in your life, there's still no reason to rush sex.

6) If it helps, masturbate a couple of hours before you have sex. This may take the edge off your desire and allow you to go on for longer. For men, the key to self control is definitely having an attitude of intention to extend intercourse, and then finding the techniques that will help them delay ejaculation.

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7) The final quick tip that I have to offer is maintain the focus during intercourse and foreplay on your own feelings, so that you know how aroused you are and you can sense how close you are to the point of ejaculation.

When you feel that you might be coming near to the point of ejaculation but before you reach the point of no return change what you're doing; interrupt the flow; do something less arousing.

That way, your arousal can settle again before you resume sexual activity, thereby allowing you to extend the period of time between getting into bed and reaching orgasm.

Above all, remember that it's not a disaster if you ejaculate too soon: lasting longer in bed for men is a skill that is developed over a period of time, with the cooperation of your partner, so if you have any relationship issues, it may be a good idea to seek counseling or therapy to eliminate them before you start a program of premature ejaculation control.

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Using the PC muscle to control the rate at which you approach the point of ejaculation.

The art of lasting longer in bed for men is all about controlling your sexual arousal so that you can stay below the point at which you will inevitably ejaculate - that's "the point of no return".

If, right now, your ejaculation seems to come from absolutely nowhere within seconds, or you simply find yourself ejaculating long before you wish to, you may well be wondering how lasting longer is possible for men.

The point of no return, aka the point of ejaculatory inevitability, or in simple terms the moment where you know you're going to ejaculate and nothing will stop it happening, is something very familiar to every man who's ever had sex or masturbated - which means all of us!

Well, the interesting thing about being able to control your ejaculation is this: it is the natural way to make love. Why do I say this? Because although a majority of men do ejaculate quickly, men who have never experienced premature ejaculation are baffled by it.

They naturally have control over their orgasm and ejaculation, and they don't understand how or why other men lack this control. In other words, they naturally know how to last longer during sexual intercourse.

So by finding out how men naturally have control over their lovemaking skills, we can see how it's possible for men with a rapid, more-or-less uncontrolled ejaculation to learn the skills of lasting longer in bed. For men with control, reaching orgasm and ejaculating that requires them to actually do something, not to hold back from doing something.

And here's the key: for a man who can already decide when to release during intercourse, making love is pleasurable, sexually rewarding and exciting, but his excitement doesn't take him to the point of ejaculation until he decides to go there by giving himself extra stimulation, for example by thrusting harder and faster as he makes love to his partner.

If you can see that this really is a great way to last longer for men - even if you don't know how to do it yet - then you can probably also see how all that's needed for complete control over ejaculation in bed for men is a way to develop control over your level of sexual arousal.

And that's where the PC muscle comes in. The PC muscle (a short name for the pubococcygeal muscle) is the one you can use to stop yourself urinating in mid-flow. (In fact it's actually a combination of several muscles in the pelvic area, but that's a convenient way of looking at it.)

When you're near orgasm and ejaculation, contracting the PC muscle actually speeds up your ejaculation; but when you're less aroused, contracting it can lower your arousal and slow down your approach to orgasm.

How to last longer

It's hard to understand why contracting the same muscle can have two very different results at different points in your sexual arousal, and for the moment we don't really need to look at why that's the case.

The important point is that the PC muscle is mentioned again and again as how you can last longer in bed: and in 99% of cases the information is simply wrong, repeated from one website to another, time after time, establishing a myth about how contracting the PC muscle can stop your ejaculation and show you how to last longer in bed for men.

The truth is that men cannot stop themselves ejaculating by clamping the PC muscle just before the moment of ejaculation: it's impossible.

However, what you can do is to contract it before you get to the point of ejaculation, for brief periods, whilst you practice a particular breathing exercise. This is extremely effective in reducing a man's level of sexual arousal, sometimes even to the extent that his erection will soften for a few minutes. But let me reassure you that it will come back again quite quickly!

PC muscle contraction in this way is one of the most effective ways to show men how to last longer in sex.

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